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When we moved to San Pancho one of the first things we did was to take Lander's Level One Spanish Course. It did so much for us, more than we could have imagined. We met great people, got to go back to school again, got a really good base for the language that has continued to grow which helped us to feel apart of this wonderful community. It is a solid, well thought-out method especially for people that like structure. We continue to review all of the materials that are so useful. But the best part was that we met Lander and Gretchen who are so committed to teaching and exciting so many about this beautiful language. We highly recommend this to anyone who has ever wanted get started with Spanish.

PAT F. - 
I have been to wonderful San Pancho on more than one occasion and one of the reasons I initially went there was to learn Spanish with Gretchen and Lander. I look forward to returning again and again and following each visit my Spanish improves in leaps and bounds. What better way to start the day over a coffee (and a cookie, perhaps). I have tried leaning Spanish in many different ways and I found the Warren Hardy method the best and San Pancho is a wonderful base if you like to play a little golf, scuba dive (Punta Mitta), play polo or just relax and enjoy the wonderful sunsets and good food and very friendly locals but native and ex-pats.

TORY S. - 
When you've been out of school for as long as I have you forget what a difference a good teacher can make in your life - 3 parts teacher and 1 part therapist. I have been reminded of this by my work with Lander. San Pancho is filled with people who have learned how so speak Spanish from him and we are all extremely grateful!

These classes offer a great avenue to increase your understanding and speaking ability in Spanish. I recommend these classes for beginners and/or for those who already have understanding and communication in Spanish, but are looking to escalate their cognitive ability and conversational level. Lander is a great teacher who is very knowledgeable in the language and most importantly pronunciation. He is very good at communicating and making sense of a very difficult subject. After taking numerous Spanish classes I can say that The Warren Hardy method is a really well thought out method that is specifically designed for adults who were born and raised speaking only English and looking to break out of the English patterns and become a communicator and speaker of Spanish. Be prepared to do the work and you will get positive results! I also recommend working with a native speaker taking conversation on the days you are not taking class with Lander. This will provide you with a great immersion class, where you will reap the benefits!


I recently completed the Level 1 Foundation Spanish course offered by Lander at San Pancho Spanish School and can't speak highly enough about both the method used and the amazing assistance  provided during the course. My Spanish was virtually non existent, but I feel much more equipped to understand, read, write and most importantly, speak in Spanish now. I won't say it was an easy task, because a lot is covered in a short period, but I learned more in 2 weeks than I had in 7 months and quite frankly, I am astounded at how much recall I have. I strongly recommend this school to anyone seriously trying to learn Spanish.  Lander and Gretchen always made me feel comfortable and welcome and I thank them both.

I never thought I would take a Spanish class from a non-native speaker but I had heard so many good things about The San Pancho Spanish School and because it was only a half hour from La Penita, I cancelled the total immersion program I was booked for in Guadalajara and registered in with them. What a good decision that turned out to be! I have tried at least 4 other schools in the past and this one was definitely different  and superior to any other class I've ever  done. The materials are well laid out and build so well upon themselves, love them! Lander is a gifted and skilled teacher. He may not be a native speaker but his fluency is astounding and his grasp of English and Spanish grammar and explanations make learning difficult concepts so much easier. My only regret is that I did not take this course before I learned so many things wrong as a "student of the street." Take this course if you are serious about learning Spanish and don't mind working too hard to make incredible progress. And of course, if you think learning should be fun and the classroom should be a non threatening environment where you are encouraged to take chances without the fear of being wrong, only the possibility of improving with the help of a great teacher and a solid curriculum. Note all the administrating is done by Lander's very organized wife, Gretchen, who also provides great coffee, tea and  snacks along with informative and engaging conversation for break time. 


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